2018 Quills Conference Q&A

The Quills Conference is fast approaching. The League did a live Q&A session. Since we know not everyone is on Facebook, and not everyone are members of the League of Utah Writers, here’s the details the were emailed. (If you are a League member, you have seen this in your email as well.) There are links to the live video if you have access to Facebook or you can read the transcript below.


 We were delighted at the opportunity to answer many general questions about the upcoming Quills Conference in our Facebook Live event. However, we know that Facebook is not always accessible or available to everyone, so we put together the questions and answers in written form for your review. Please don’t hesitate to email me directly with any questions you have. We are very excited about this year’s amazing conference.

Jared Quan
President of the League of Utah Writers
1042 East Fort Union Blvd. #443
Midvale, Utah 84047


Q&A for the Quills Conference

Presented by Terra Luft and Jared Quan

The Q&A was live broadcast on both the Open and Closed LUW Facebook Pages.

Access the recording here


Access to the Quills registration


Quills stuff to share –

As we planned initially to do, we have launched single day tickets at $200 for each day (includes the keynote for that day). You will be able to sign up for agents and editors for the day you are attending.


Q: What kind of classes do we have on the schedule?

A: The full schedule is here – https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/6944bf_691d2d509a4641ffbd587bcc49b43173.pdf

We have a lot of intermediate and advanced classes, by very seasoned veterans, with tracks on craft, marketing, publishing, poetry, non-fiction, a few others. We also have a track specifically for those who are interested in self-publishing. We didn’t want the conference just to be geared toward those looking to be or who are traditionally published.

Programming has been arranged so that no matter what class track you’re interested in, you won’t have to choose between two classes the same hour, the only topic you will have overlap is craft.


Q: Who are we excited to see present?

A: (Jared) There are so many great people we are bringing into the conference, I want to see all of them, I can’t just narrow it down to one. (Terra) We have a tax professional that is coming out to teach us how to be viewed as a real business in the eyes of the IRS. Her title is IRS Enrollment Agent. She will talk about State Tax issues, and what to do if you get love letters from the IRS.


Q: What’s included with the full conference?

A: Friday Conference

Friday Night Dinner (Keynoted by Maria V. Snyder)

Saturday Conference

Saturday Lunch (Keynoted by Tim Dorsey)

Live critique by Genre (all genres will be represented) with an Agent – Editor – Author

(This will be done in a small room that only hold 20 people, someone will read the work, and no one will know who the author is) (First come first serve – must sign up upon arrival and provide 4 physical copies of the single page you want to be critiqued)

Kaffeeklatsch – Most all our special guests have an hour assigned to them in a small room for people to go and get to know better on a more intimate level.

 During the Friday Dinner, and Saturday Lunch the special guests will be assigned tables to host. They will be clearly marked so you can sit by a special guest of your choice (first come first serve).

 The full conference ticket does not include the awards banquet.

Q: What separate ticket items are you doing?

A: The Thursday Night Mix and Mingle with the special guests. A limited space conference add on, gives you an opportunity to eat hors d’oeuvr es and talk with special guests in a casual environment. (There will be a cash bar during this time)

Thursday pre-conference workshops, advanced and intermediate courses. Two blocks of three hours each. (in-depth and hands-on)

Agent and Editor Pitches – two agencies as well as publishing houses both from New York and local, all who can acquire authors without agents.

Friday Lunch is optional with several options available.


Q. Will any of the sessions be recorded?

A: No, we don’t have the resources or capability currently. If you know anyone with this expertise, please let the Conference Committee know.


Q. Why is Friday lunch a separate ticket?

A: Because we need to have exact numbers for food, and we don’t want to make everyone pay for lunch if they can’t make it to the conference until after that lunch. Also, this helps keep the cost of the conference down.

There will be two options a BBQ with pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers or a veggie burger outside. Or there will be three options that the lunch voucher will cover in the restaurant.


Q. Is there a block of rooms reserved at a special rate for the conference?

A. Yes, go onto the LUW website on the conference page, and you can select the hotel room link. (You can also call the number listed to speak with a hotel booking agent.) Hotel rooms include breakfast, which is not typically included. August 2nd is when the rate goes away. Update: discount rates have been extended to August 9th.


Q. If I am not staying in the hotel can I buy breakfast?

A. Yes, you can purchase breakfast at the hotel from the restaurant.


Q. Is there a discount for LUW Members?

A. Yes, in the last Quills newsletter, we sent out the membership code for 10% off everything, your chapter president also has that information.


Q. Are there volunteer opportunities?

A. Yes, but they are limited. For those looking to volunteer for some of the time you can get a 30% off voucher, for those who volunteer the entire conference, you can get in for free, but it does not include food.


Q. Is there a scholarship to attend the conference?

A. There isn’t however, if you are teen author (18 and younger) the cost of the conference is $75. We will be running the signature contest we did last year, where we will select two people to win free entrance into next year’s conference for the top two people who gather the most signatures.


Q. Does the cost go up if I register on the day of the event?

A. Yes, it goes up quite a bit. We must factor in space for the hotel from attendees to food, and the cost jumps up to $400 if you wait and register at the door.


Q. What makes this year’s conference different than previous years?

A. We have worked hard to put together a conference that doesn’t feature people that you have seen dozens of times. We are bringing people that you have never heard from, who are industry pros to give you something different. Also, we wanted to make sure that attendees get to spend more one on one time with the special guests and other faculty during things like the Live Critique panels by providing opportunities to ask questions and network without having to spend extra money to buy a pitch session. It will be a more intimate conference.

We also have every room set up with tables to write on while attending classes which is different from other years.


Q. Why is the conference more expensive than last year?

A. Last year we partnered with the Salt Lake Community College to host the least expensive conference we could and provided a free Friday so that everyone could attend. Our cost this year is more in line with 2016 which was $270 and include only one lunch. We are flying in more guests from around the country and including an extra meal in this year’s conference. The conference we have put together compares with other conferences in the region that cost far more.

Of course, we wanted to be flexible to everyone’s budget, so we have several combinations that would let people attend the conference, from the Advanced Workshops, single day prices, the mixer, and awards banquet. Mix and choose whatever fits your schedule or budget so you can come out and enjoy this amazing conference lineup.


Q. Why are there so few local presenters?

A. The faculty was incredibly tough to choose from. We had hundreds of submissions, and we wanted to make sure that we got as much as we could from those we are flying in, so that left very little space for local guests. Those that were not chosen did not mean they are not considered great presenters but more often pitched the exact same class that one of our special guests did. We want to issue a challenge to presenters to look for topics outside the box, which can be tough, but will go a long way in getting you into the faculty next year.


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