Write For Your Life – one-day retreat

November 2018 marks the annual National Novel Writing Month when writers everywhere globally embark on the ambitious task of writing 50,000 words during the month. It’s also when the weather has turned chilly and things have settled back down from the bustle of the summer travel season. So what better time to host a one-day writing retreat for anyone who wants to join?

With the help of one of our own Monkeys who is graciously sponsoring this event, we have the use of a facility that will easily accommodate up to 200 writers for twelve hours. If this sounds like a party, you’re right.

We know that not everyone can make attendance at the annual writing retreat work with their lives. This event is our way of capturing the magic of a retreat in a one-day format at a price anyone can afford.

It’s FREE!

You read that right. No cost for a full day retreat to escape the rest of your life and devote to your craft. Smack dab in the middle of NaNoWriMo.

Saturday, November 17th, 9:00am to 9:00pm

Summerhill Equestrian and Event Center

8194 Sage Hille Dr, Saratoga Springs, Utah

Don’t worry if you can’t stay the entire day. This is a casual event with no programming, just a place to write among friends and fellow wordsmiths. Arrive when you can, stay as long as you like, come and go as you please. Just come and join the fun.

If you plan on staying all day, you’ll want to bring food and snacks with you to fuel your writing energy. Maybe you want to share food and libations with others… feel free to bring potluck items, but don’t feel obligated if the thought of having to bring food will keep you home.

We mean it when we say everyone is welcome. Mark your calendars. Tell your writing buddies. We’ll see you there!


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